The Power of Reduction?

Positive screening tests are reductive. They focus a clinician’s thoughts toward more testing and a deeper dive to rule-in (or out) a condition. When we read a chart or are informed about a patient by a colleague, we are likely to form an opinion of “what is going on”. We begin to decision-make. We reduce […]

Creating a Personalized Plan for Motor Learning

In healthcare, we deliver a service. That service is effective when it is personalized and adopted. The best plan is ineffective if it is not tailored to the learner or does not consider, “What motivates this person?” Here are some concise considerations for motivation and adoption, toward your effort to create a personalized plan for […]

A Referred Movement Disorder?

Are you in need of a better way to express the pathology and experience of a persons with a Functional Movement Disorder (FMD) or a Functional Gait Disorder? Are you “on their side”, expressing support and understanding, perhaps even vicarious experiences…yet need to call for additional support for this person, facing disbelief from other healthcare […]

Fast Applications of NeuroPRACTicity!

Here are the links to the first 8 modules of FAN (Fast Applications of Neuropracticity). Each is 2-4 minutes in length and offers an intuitive application of neuroplasticity for your practice today! The Origin Story of FAN: Apply…Then Remove the Constraint: Measurement as an Intervention: Creating an External Focus: Performance to […]

Patience Engagement

Yes, you read that right…”patience” engagement, not “patient” engagement. Many providers feel as though they do not have time for small talk. With pressures on documentation, productivity, and compassion fatigue (burnout), it may seem either more burdensome or even a waste of valuable time to be patient…with a patient. To listen. Check yourself against these […]

Make the Same Good Decisions More than Once

A common idiom regarding learning from life experiences is, “Don’t make the same mistake twice.” While this is healthy, perhaps a more complete consideration, with a more positive perspective would be to try to, “Make the same good decision more than once.” In our personal and professional lives, it is common for us to focus […]

Big Changes: A society that adopts physical activity standards

How do we achieve higher rates of physical activity across a nation that is presently underperforming? Some citations estimate that 15-20% of our society is moving at or above the bare minimum that our bodies need to maintain systemic health. We have barriers of inertia, knowledge, distractions, convenience and more. Let’s not forget the barriers […]

The Brain That CHOOSES Itself

In 2007, Norman Doidge wrote what would become a NY Times bestselling book,  The Brain That Changes Itself. Neuroplasticity is as relevant and emergent as it was in 2007, with new discoveries weekly. Since 2007, the notion of biohacks and self-health have become even more prevalent. Is it time to revisit Doidge’s book and permit […]