Considering a Demand and Supply Model of Neuroplasticity: Is the proof in our hands already?

The not-so hidden meaning in this rhetorical question is a reference to the disparate recovery that the upper extremity often experiences vs. the lower extremity, after stroke. First, recovery beyond that which is spontaneously driven be the resolution of an acute hemorrhagic or ischemic event in the brain, requires a reason or stimulus. Personally, I […]

Go-No-Go: A primer + applications

Functional mobility in a dynamic environment (objects, pedestrians in motion) requires decision making. At varied levels of daily mobility and athletics, one might be confronted with questions like, “Can I make it across before the light changes?”; “Can I catch this fly ball in the air, or do I need to slow-down and block it […]

On the subject of Functional Syndromes…

In 2-5 years, maybe less as fast as things seem to be advancing these days – will we have “discovered” more functional syndromes? At this time, we are well-aware of Functional Neurologic Disorders and realize a wide array of syndromes under this umbrella. The comprehensive list of these sub-syndromes and disorders are best left to […]

On the importance of measurement…

Did I improve? This is a common question in all forms of learning and rehabilitation, that comes in many forms. That question may be asked in performing arts, “How did that sound?” or “How did that look?” to athletics, rehabilitation, learning to drive, and even avocations. The question can be answered externally, by another person […]

Recipes for Motor Learning – No substitutes!

If you truly “CARE” about motor learning, you will follow this recipe for your patients: Constraints, Affordances, Rewards, and Expectations! Constraints challenge the brain and body with overloading principles of distractions, weights, speed/timing, pressure, difficulty (more defenders/players on the field), etc. Affordances are the solutions created and potentially stored by the learner. Opportunities perceived, if […]

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