Where to start?

As I travel the US and world, therapists often ask me how to become “current” or to “stay” current in neurologic rehabilitation. For me, I never stop thinking, and ALWAYS remain critically-open to new ideas. Critically-open…that is. I need to know the physiology behind, even if there is not a science-behind, yet. Often, new ideas START in the clinic, before proven-out in the laboratory, so we cannot say that we ONLY practice evidence-based medicine if we are innovating. With that said, I listen to podcasts, read journals, talk with colleagues, attend Combined Sections Meeting from the APTA, listen to my patients, measure  my own efficacy…and hold myself continuously accountable. Finally, and most importantly, I suggest that the power of giving back is the greatest decision in my entire career.

You want a list, though…here we go: