Aging – Are You Up for It?

The science of aging includes three main components:

  1. An understanding of what truly is obligatory and expected in normal aging
  2. Specific applications designed to delay the aging process in efforts to perform (sport) or function (life)
  3. Rehabilitative considerations, defining what is possible to recover from in the face of advanced age (stroke, TKR, extended bedrest after a given age)

The question, then, “Aging – Are You Up for It” is posed not only for your own self-applications, but for those of you that are medical providers…are you up for accepting and delivering the science in each of these three components.

Ask yourself, then – are you delivering the intensity that it takes to get stronger across all persons, without regard to age (#3)? Are you willing to work yourself hard enough to decelerate the aging process (#2)? Are you willing debunk the myths associated with aging, that science has disproven (cannot improve in strength, balance, endurance, etc) (#1)?

Are you up for it?