Seven Parameters of Fitness?

Strength and endurance. I was a largely unschooled, unqualified, and un-certified personal trainer for a small gym in Southwest Missouri before I entered PT school over 30 years ago. My perception and prescriptions of fitness at that time included strength and endurance. Largely, sport science and our culture defined fitness in these terms as well, at that time. To be clear, endurance was not really singular, but grew to be more defined as muscular and cardiovascular – even at that time. Eventually, our collective understanding of fitness has evolved to include, progressively: flexibility, balance, and even cognition (decision-making, attention, impulse control, awareness, reaction speeds, etc). Yesterday morning, while working with a patient to impart a return of confidence in mobility, I realized that freedom from fear should be considered another aspect of fitness, a psychological category. We work with patients that have fear of moving in open spaces (PPPD), fear of turning their heads (vestibulopathy), fear of pain, and fear of falling. Consider this additional, seventh parameter of fitness, for yourself and your clients, patients, students/athletes.