What is “Movement in the Background”?

I have received a number of supportive inquisitions about the recent trademark, officially approved on 12/28/20 by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), essentially asking, “What is Movement in the Background?” Pasted here, is one of my most recent responses:

Movement in the Background is a collection of words that evoke the concept of automaticity for the sake of sparing attentional resources. Specifically, the more automatized or proceduralized movements are, afford a higher percentage of available attentional resources to be mobilized elsewhere. Attentional resources in any task can be valuable for the purposes of decision making, scanning, appreciating, or interacting with the enviroment and task at hand. The task may be daily mobility, ADL, vocational, athletic, or avocational, but in all cases, the participant benefits when the movement portion of the task that can be relied-upon as predictable, operating without tapping into finite attentional networks or resources. Circling back to the terms used in the trademark, we see that when an individual has movement reliably operating in the background, they have preserved attentional resources for cognitive or simultaneous motor operations, to their ultimate safety, efficiency, or enjoyment.