Building Healthier Grandparents

Let’s get right to the point. Start now to be a healthier grandparent. Regardless of your age – regardless of your aspirations or capability to be a grandparent – the point is that your quality of life at 75 is directly impacted by the way you treat your body in every decade prior. It is a fallacy that “walking” is the only exercise that you need as you age, to stay fit. This is slowly being debunked, but it takes time. In the same accord, eating healthily (which is defined in many ways) is not “all” that we need to keep our GI, urinary, cardiopulmonary systems healthy. Building healthier grandparents starts now with things that we can control, including: sleep hygeine, nutrition, activity, cognitive stimulation, and social/psychological health. Let’s do what we can to build a healthier tomorrow for our own bodies, our health care system, and those that will benefit from our health – be that grandchildren, children, spouses, more distant relatives, friends, or hired caregivers.