Comprehensive Dual Task Training: Hold, Process, Generate, Recall

The science of dual task (DT) has been a passion of mine since 1992. Thirty years later, I am just as excited about the improvements that we are making, and the contributions I have left to submit. Over the past 8 months, I have come to conclude that we do not utilize a comprehensive palate of cognitive skills in DT interference, or testing. We need to test and train patients in each of four distinct cognitive categories:

Hold: Working memory. Information that you will receive and need to retrieve or reiterate in seconds and minutes from now.  “Take a left on Commercial, a right on Madrona and a right on 25th”

Process: Manipulating information into a different expression. This includes spatial rotation (shapes, words), calculations, response-inhibition (Go-No-Go).

Generate: Creating alternative uses for an object, solutions to a posed problem, or populating a cognitive set (words that start with __ ”

Recall: Retrieving stored information in the form of episodic or semantic material.