Control the Controllables: ROE

In health, wellness, and in rehabilitation, we must learn to “control the controllables”. While this may seem like a play-on-words or retooling of a serenity prayer (accept what we cannot change; courage to change what can be changed; wisdom to know the difference), it should be accepted more literally and adopted more uniformly.

This means that we can be more attentive-to and intense-with our investments of time, money, and effort – if we are more specific about what we are doing.

This also means that we have the potential to realize greater rewards from our energized, selective efforts.

As we are aware, experiencing an elevated return on energy (ROE) can cause us to come back to this approach, due to our natural gravitation toward rewarding outcomes.

Practically speaking, a technique for investing can bring us a proven return on investment (ROI). Yet when we focus our time spent on wellness and rehabilitation toward what works for us, we receive an ROE. This continues a virtuous cycle so we return to what works. This can prove true for a workout (running route, sets/reps), nutrition (diet, fasting schedule), sleep hygiene (nighttime routine), and time set aside for mental health (meditation, social experiences). Experiment. Control the controllables in one aspect of your life. Focus your energies. Measure the difference, learn from yourself as an experiment of one.