The Parameters of Fitness…

Clearly, we can all have our own definition of what it looks and feels like to be fit. We set expectations for ourselves and others – potentially imposing different criteria on ourselves than we do for others. Our definition of fitness may evolve as we age with elevated and lower expectations in different phases of […]

We Will We Will – Walk You!

Perhaps you recall the 1977 Queen song that I have clearly referenced in this subject line. Because of the unique combination of repetitions, some social pressure (“C’mon everyone knows this song”), and some pleasure (episodic memories of your team in the lead)…you may never forget the chorus to this tune. What about your memory for […]

The Act of Forgetting: Beyond Memory

A foreign language, a recipe, how to spell a word without autocorrect, your Netflix password, a high school classmate, your first license plate, and…spinal flexibility. What do these have in common? You guessed it. We can experience “learned non-use” with any of these – memories or movements. In a sense, when our daily mobility becomes […]