We Will We Will – Walk You!

Perhaps you recall the 1977 Queen song that I have clearly referenced in this subject line. Because of the unique combination of repetitions, some social pressure (“C’mon everyone knows this song”), and some pleasure (episodic memories of your team in the lead)…you may never forget the chorus to this tune. What about your memory for walking though? Will you forget how to do that? Why not? Repetitions, yes. Social context “we all do it this way”, yes. So, is walking a memory? Is it a central program that just “runs” like the installation of an app or software program? Can we, as rehabilitation professionals expect to walk someone into recovery? No. Rehabilitation science has improved to the extent that we know that repetitions without engagement, are ineffective at best and wasteful at worst. Just like a song that is easy to learn because it is enjoyable, interesting, or catchy…let’s make our therapy experiences more engaging so that fewer repetitions can be both more impactful, and lasting.