Self Help: Bring Out the Best in People Around You

Looking for a self-help life hack? Look no further than helping those around you. Sure, you can start with your immediate circles, but don’t stop there.

Yes, we are still talking about self help.

Imagine the joy that someone feels from knowing that another human being is thinking about them – don’t keep that a secret. Text, call, email, or DM them. Powerful.

Imagine the joy that someone feels from accomplishing something that they did not realize they were capable of. Help a client/customer, peer, family member, neighbor or EVEN A STRANGER to accomplish or see something in themselves that is positive and surprising.

Yes, this helps you. What I like to call “The Wizard of Oz Effect” is the release of oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine that come from bringing out the best in someone…and then letting them know that it is/was NOT about you. As stated in the 1974 song by America, “Oz didn’t give nothin to the tinman, that he didn’t, didn’t already have.”. Meaning, tell this person that you have positively impacted that this “newfound” ability/skill was something inside of them before our contact. “I didn’t give you anything that you didn’t already have. Greatness is inside of you. What other great things are still in there?”