Make the Same Good Decisions More than Once

A common idiom regarding learning from life experiences is, “Don’t make the same mistake twice.” While this is healthy, perhaps a more complete consideration, with a more positive perspective would be to try to, “Make the same good decision more than once.”

In our personal and professional lives, it is common for us to focus on what we have done wrong or could do better. We are inclined to ruminate on missed opportunities and bad interactions.

As we come to appreciate the importance of mental health, wouldn’t it be better for us to be reminded of the times that we did something well? As we parent, mentor, guide patients, or even SPEAK TO OURSELVES…wouldn’t it be more healthy to change our advice to focus on learning opportunities that are positive or were successful? This may give us the best opportunity to identify ourselves as successful (reminders of “wins”) as compared to identifying ourselves as failing or struggling.