Lecture Calendar Update: May 2024-October 2025

Here are my speaking engagements booked for the period May 21, 2024 – November 1, 2025

Please feel free to reach out to me for details on any course and for any open dates if you would like to host a course.

I do not take any registrations or host any courses…but I can put you in contact with the hospitals, clinics and companies that are.

May 23rd – PAIN – The most common 4 letter word in healthcare

June 12th  – 6am-9:15am PESI Pediatric Orthopedics

August 9-10th – MedBridge Neuro Summit with JJ Mowder-Tinney: Intensity in Neuro Rehab

August 25-26th Lecture Iceland – Dual Task and Patient engagement

September 26th Switzerland Geriatric conference – Dual task

October 1st – Neuroconsortium – Advanced management webinar

October 5th –  Duluth – The Invisibles

October 6th – Des Moines – Stroke

October 14th – Touro University: Fall Risk

October 26-27 CBFP (Certified Balance Fall Prevention Professional) AGPT course Portland Prov St. V

November 2-3rd Neuroconsortium – 4 hour PD conference

November 9th AT Still – Invisibles

November 10th Honor Health – Neuropracticity

November 19-24 ICAA – Cognitive, Physical and Psychological Wellness – Raleigh, NC

December 4-5th Medbridge LIVE course: PD, balance, stroke, and more

December 11th – Touro: Training complex gait


Jan. 16th – Allied Webinar Stroke: Part 1, Neuroplasticity, Neglect, Awareness

Jan. 30th – Allied Webinar Stroke: Part 2, UE

February 13-15 CSM Houston (Pending details that I cannot divulge yet)

February 19th – Touro Best Practices Neuro Rehab

Feb. 20th – Allied Webinar Stroke: Part 3, LE

February 25th  – Touro University  – Functional Movement Disorders

March 2nd – UCSF Intensity course (Stroke, PD, MS emphasis)

March 4th-5th PESI Stroke Certification Course (12 hours)

March 14th (FRIDAY) Providence Portland (13th annual)  Dual Task

April 27th – KU symposium – topic TBD

May 3rd – Wisconsin Froedert Health – Invisibles

September 20-21, California APTA Palm Springs – topic TBD: PD vs GeriAthletes

October 12-13 – Courses to be finalized (NJ and MA)

October 19 – UW – Live Neuro Rehab Course (I will be evaluating, starting treatment and creating HEPs for pts that I have never met, announcing my clinical decision-making and interacting with the live audience)

October 25-26, Honor Health, Phoenix – 2 separate 1 day courses, details forthcoming

What “else” am I up to?

  1. One research project wrapping up – developing a dual task standing balance/agility test (we have 70 subjects tested so far!)
  2. Considerations of a book
  3. Triathlon and marathon (1 each and plans for more)
  4. Product development and consultation for Dividat, LudoFit, Marodyne, and more
  5. I have 6 new Medbridge courses coming out: Self-efficacy (2), dual task (2), complicated stroke presentation and more…