Invest Now: Create a Functional Reserve

No, this is not a soliloquy on the timing of the stock market. This is a call for comprehensive inventory-of and programming-for your wellness. Many people are thinking about their “steps per day” as this can be convenient to track, compare, and gamify. Some are becoming more aware of the need for strength training as […]

Control the Controllables: ROE

In health, wellness, and in rehabilitation, we must learn to “control the controllables”. While this may seem like a play-on-words or retooling of a serenity prayer (accept what we cannot change; courage to change what can be changed; wisdom to know the difference), it should be accepted more literally and adopted more uniformly. This means […]

The Middle Pathway

In a world where intensity is king, and rest is a sin, there is no “middle path”. Can we begin to make one? Can we steal the word “Euthymia” from mental health and give it a place in daily life? Can we begin to make it not only acceptable, but applauded – to breathe? Let’s […]

Invisible Conditions: “In my brain, or in my mind?” Both or neither?

In 2017, I coined the term, “The Invisible Conditions”, refering to those conditions that are challenging-to or impossible to (either) image with today’s technology or to see an individual has (hard signs). These include, but are not limited to: chronic pain, Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness (PPPD), Persistent Post Concussion Syndrome (PPCS), Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome […]

A Regular Checkup to Adjust Dosage and Response

The science of wellness continues to improve. Regardless of age, people need to participate in activity (may or may not be “exercises”) that will keep or improve their comprehensive fitness. The minimal amount of physical activity and the parameters of fitness have been well-cited by the World Health Organization, and American College of Sports Medicine. […]