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Parkinson’s Disease: One Size Does NOT fit all!

October 25

Proud to return to Rutgers University in Newark, NJ for our 2020 course: Parkinson’s Disease: One Size Does NOT fit all – individualizing treatment in PD by phenotype and person. This wonderful site with impeccable course organizers and accommodations is a great learning and interactive environment for PTs! 

Course description: Physical Therapy treatment for Parkinson’s Disease is often oversimplified and defined as by one or two global approaches. This course will further the discussion of the various subtypes of Parkinson’s Disease and begin to ascribe treatment strategies specific to each. We will address the primary symptoms in PD and suggest a classification paradigm for patients with primary tremor and rigidity; those with primary dyskinesia; differentiating from those with primary instability and gait disorder (PIGD) freezing of gait; posture; and festination. Clinicians in the audience will be invited to use the paradigm to further the discussion of subtyping PD and researching within these categories. We will provide videotape and case study application across 3 different classifications of Parkinson’s Disease and reveal applicable treatment strategies within each.  


October 25


Rutgers University

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