Innovation or Invation? There is no, “no”…

When it comes to teaching someone a new task, changing their current approach, or helping them relearn a movement after sustaining an injury (brain or body), there are nearly always some barriers. On the short list of these barriers, we have:

  1. Fear.  Fear of pain, failure (fall or other), embarrasment (elevated expectations).  
  2. Self-efficacy. The value or belief that this person can impact their own (healthcare) outcome. 

In your best effort to get your patient to their highest potential…you must recognize and steer clear of the barriers, while you continue to PUSH for neuroplastic changes through errors, hope, individualized success ratios, fitness training (strength UE, LE, core) and balance training + ADLs. Know THIS person, find out what you can about THEM. Innovate using all of these tools with no other rules – “Invate”!