Functional Symptom Disorder?

Yes, be on the watch out for a new article coming from me, detailing what I see to be a direct relationship/commonality between seemingly unrelated conditions: Functional Neurologic Disorder/Functional Movement Disorder, with chronic pain, and Persistent Perceptual Postural Dizziness (PPPD, formerly Chronic Subjective Dizziness). There are more conditions to be included, under consideration, among them: Flikikammo, “the Yips”, focal dystonia, and others. What is the commonality? Is there one? Do we have a sensory system that has at one point experienced injury, +/- anxiety, with hypersensitivity (pain, motion, fatigue, sleep deprivation, other). Is the only difference just the manifestation of the overload? “I have”…dizziness, pain, fear, anxiety, stress, fatigue….? More to follow.