New course coming in Fall 2020, “Patient engagement”

I have been asked SO MANY TIMES over the past 2 years, to consult for PT practices…that I have developed a course to reach a larger audience than just the admin team/practice manager. So, for closed course offering, for an open to the community presentation, or a webinar/teleconference:

Maximizing patient engagement and potential in each PERSON you guide

This course is comprised of the latest in rehabilitation techniques focused on fostering patient’s self efficacy, autonomy, adaptability, resilience, and independence. This lecture pulls from the latest in psychology, motor learning, neuroplasticity – incorporating all of these evidence-based sciences with the soft skills and application of each in a practical course for all participants. Help all of your patients achieve their full potential, regardless of the condition. This course is for you if you are working in outpatient, HH, or SNF. Any setting where patients can make a choice about attending, or refusing a therapy visit. Mike will address patient engagement including APPLICATIONS of the latest in motor learning, behavioral economics, psychology, from the perspective of a 30 year veteran therapist – that has never stopped learning and innovating. No matter the diagnoses of the patients that you are seeing – be ready for practical applications from a therapist whose cancellation rate in the last 5 years running has reduced from 2.58% to 1.46%, real numbers.

This course will be focused on helping your patients move down the road to independence, to see what they already have, and to learn what they did not expect they could, along the way. It’s like “The Wizard of Oz” for PT.