Find Your Run

In these unprecedented and trying, even dangerous times, depression should be expected. Situational depression, like we have never seen before, can become the norm. I am an expert on myself, on motor control and motor learning – but not much else. So, mental health is not an area of expertise…but, I am encouraging people to “find their run”. By run, I mean, what gives you enjoyment and a choice-driven sense of wellness. “I like this, it is good for me, it is healthy for me.” Enter Serotonin. An effective natural antidepressant and the basis for many medications, as selective Serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are designed physiologically to “keep Serotonin around”. What is your run? Mine are (not is): running, providing physical therapy, innovating, singing songs in my head, and writing. In times of extreme stress, find your run, and help loved ones find theirs.