Where is the value?

As I write this, on March 29th, our community has not yet felt the full impact of Covid-19, that we will endure over the next few weeks. We are working with patients to schedule in-person (where needed, by exception) and telehealth visits. Some patients are reluctant, some excited to schedule telehealth across our practice (21 therapists). I am compelled to ask myself, if the building, the equipment, the milieau of our clinic went away – where is the value? More importantly, “where WAS the value?” in the mind of the patient. If I or we did I not convey an experience that was valuable beyond the tangibles of the in-person visit (my hands, our equipment, etc) then what value did the patient take from the experience? Was our interaction personally valuable enough to them that they feel that I can give them some value when we are physically removed? If “yes, I want to schedule a telehealth visit” (value in the contact is perceived), then it should be more likely that (technology barriers removed) they would expect to benefit from and desire a telehealth visit. If “no”, then who is to blame?