Repetitions, repetitions, repetitions – mean NOTHING without intensity!

Intensity, focus, engagement- be it physical or cognitive- are a greater and more trustworthy stimulus than volume (time, repetitions) for permanent change at the level of the CNS. If I am instructing or learning, I would rather have 3 minutes and 10 repetitions that are challenged, timed – measured in some fashion, than 20 minutes and 200 repetitions that are not. (Yes, that is the same time-rep ratio for each, intentional). It is of little matter (not NO MATTER) what you are working on – be your goal to master a multiplication table, a sit to stand, or how to efficiently row a kayak more efficiently. If there is no consequence to a failed repetition, there is less intensity and neuroplastic stimulus. If there is no hope of improving, the same is true. When repetitions accumulate and the challenge is either overwhelming or nominal, the repetitions are only productive insomuch that they help resources – muscular endurance, sustained attention (arguable), or psychological endurance (willingness to persist).