The difference 0 to 1 is GREATER than the difference 1 to 3?

Yes, that’s right.

“The difference between 0 and 1 is greater than the difference between 1 and 3.” How can that be? Let’s see, from 0 to 1, we move 1 number or any ascribable unit…and from 1 to 3, we move 2 units. So, this statement is “false”, right?


In most of what we can choose to do from a health perspective, we see that research tells us that there is a MUCH larger difference between doing nothing and starting or participating at the lowest level, or “1” of any of these: total mileage in walking, running, hiking, cycling; days of exercise; sets of tennis or weightlifting; repetitions; etc. However, the benefit-curve of going from “1” (day per week, mile, etc) to “3”, is not as great as that from “0 to 1”. Now…does it make sense? 

Use this fact to motivate yourself, those that you care about or care for…and reduce the burden of not doing “enough” to the victory of doing “some”!