New Course: Tackling the Most Challenging in Neuro Rehab: Cognition, Spasticity, Pusher, and Flaccidity!

Watch for this course in April 2021 – a virtual presentation and the 7th Annual Studer lecture sponsored by Providence Medical Center


Course description: In this challenging push-the-limits course, expect to advance your capacity to help some of the most
challenged patients that we work with. Patients that may seem to be destined for poor rehabilitation outcome –
until we create that initial spark to show us and them, that there is remaining potential. Patients with cognitive impairment, acute and
degenerative will be addressed in both rehabilitative and (dementia) management capacities. If you
have been challenged by matters of spasticity, “tone” – find some answers here. Additionally, who hasn’t
been nearly maxed-out to “hold up” a patient with Pusher Syndrome? Work smarter after this course.
Finally, learn how to help movement emerge from where there may seem to be none…in the wrist,
fingers, and throughout the lower extremity. I am personally looking forward to engaging with you in
evidence, discussion, and case presentation!