The Equation for Optimal Intensity in Motor Learning, Discovered

While we may search for the perfect dosage of intensity for neuroplasticity to be expressed in terms of exertion. The two intensities are not the same. Higher levels of physical exertion can help to promote the release of BDNF, a substrate protein or fertilizer for neuroplasticity, but not always a good substitute. So intensity in motor learning cannot be expressed through a Karvonin equation.
What is the “equation” for intensity in motor learning? Here it is…
Just enough repetitions of the correct movement or solution to reinforce what is preferred or desired + just enough frequency of success to confirm to the mover that “better is possible” + just enough frequency of error to alert the learner that this takes concentration (intensity) and more practice to achieve the evident potential.
I believe that this equation will fit every rat on the treadmill equally as well as it will fit every person in a wellness gym, equally as well as it will fit every person in the clinic and every athlete on the field.
However, I am fully willing to be corrected on this point because I have been correct enough to keep trying and wrong enough to know that I don’t have it perfect. (See what I did there?)