Making Movement Easier: Your top tips to become tip top

Call it exercise if you like, physical activity if you prefer…but movement and more of it…is medicine. We have known this for some time and continue to prove it every day with more scientific evidence. How do we make movement easier, though? More approachable. Less burdensome. On Friday, January 27th, I will tackle this very topic in a 1 hour international presentation focused on health span after stroke. Yes, “health span”, not life span. Increasing the longevity of quality years: independence, safety, mobility – however you might prefer.

Here are a few sneak peek tips that are a VERY small part of this 60 minute presentation:

1.Movement snacks

2.Reward yourself

3.Split your personality

4.Happy New Year….again!

5.Bet on yourself


Join me at this event. Health care providers, persons that have sustained a stroke, their caregivers…all are welcome.

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