Podcasts: My current list of “ear candy”

I have been asked hundreds of times in the past 2 years, “What podcasts do you listen to?”. The count is high enough that I have been nudged to publish a list, to which I can direct future inquiries. Here goes…in no specific order:
The Drive (Peter Attia)
The Huberman Lab
The Rich Roll Podcast
The Tim Ferris Show
Hidden Brain
Freakonomics MD
People I Mostly Admire (Steven Levitt)
JOSPT (Journal of Orthopedic Sport Physical Therapy)
APTA Podcasts
ANPT – Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy
NEJM This Week
NEJM Interviews
Neurology Today
Neurology Podcast
JAMA Clinical Reviews
Physio Explained
The Know Stroke Podcast
Medicine and the Machine
The Perception Action Podcast (Rob Gray)
The Happiness Lab
TED Health
TED Science & Medicine
TED Business
TED Talks Daily
Brain Stuff
The Runners Zone Podcast
Brain Inspired
Practical Neurology
The JNPT Podcast
JAMA Neurology
4D: Deep Dive into Degenerative Diseases
ANPT Balance and Falls SIG
Practice Leadership: Burning Questions
The I Love Neuro Podcast
Science Vs.
Ologies with Allie Ward
Today Explained
Planet Money
The Indicator
Fresh Air
Before Breakfast
Short Wave
I have left several podcasts off of this list, that are more political and news content, less-science and health related. Yes, the rumor is true, I listen to all podcasts at 2x speed.