The Brain That CHOOSES Itself

In 2007, Norman Doidge wrote what would become a NY Times bestselling book,  The Brain That Changes Itself. Neuroplasticity is as relevant and emergent as it was in 2007, with new discoveries weekly. Since 2007, the notion of biohacks and self-health have become even more prevalent. Is it time to revisit Doidge’s book and permit the brain to choose itself?

Specifically, I offer 5 postulates to combine change and choice. Consider picking one or two of these options to begin your own experiment. Each option can begin with “I will”. You may find one that sounds attractive reading it aloud to yourself:

1)Consistently choose physical activities optimize safety and wellness

2)Choose healthier options and portions to gather needed energy

3)Surround myself with diverse people, to expand my social health and connectedness

4)Optimize wellness through a balance of rest (sleep, meditation and otherwise) and activities in environments that feel safe and healthy

5)Expose myself to conditions in the form of temperature, exertion, pressure and novel experiences in an effort to remain capable, diverse and healthy