A Referred Movement Disorder?

Are you in need of a better way to express the pathology and experience of a persons with a Functional Movement Disorder (FMD) or a Functional Gait Disorder?
Are you “on their side”, expressing support and understanding, perhaps even vicarious experiences…yet need to call for additional support for this person, facing disbelief from other healthcare providers and their own family members?
Would it be an accurate analogy to say that some peoples’ FMD/functional gait is a referred movement disorder? Meaning that the pathology does not exist at the site that controls/expresses movement, however emanates from a problem elsewhere, i.e. ‘referred’. There is nothing inherently “wrong” with your arm, yet your arm is expressing that there is a problem for us to explore and solve.
Similar to a radiating symptom to the mid-back coming from C6, or L4-5 down into the foot…is a functional movement disorder reporting/signaling problems that have started elsewhere? This could be sleep deprivation, workplace or relationship stress, unresolved medical concerns, financial stress, body or gender dysmorphia, and more. In this case, the sign (movement disorder, drop attack or other) could be a positive and constructive signal, warning the self and healthcare team to explore, find, and resolve the underlying cause.