Creating a Personalized Plan for Motor Learning

In healthcare, we deliver a service. That service is effective when it is personalized and adopted. The best plan is ineffective if it is not tailored to the learner or does not consider, “What motivates this person?” Here are some concise considerations for motivation and adoption, toward your effort to create a personalized plan for motor learning:

  • Improve self (sport, work, hobby, health span)
  • See success in the face of challenge (“This is difficult…but I am succeeding on a reasonable frequency!”)
  • Feel hopeful/exceed expectations (“I am and can ___________ (beat this disease, make this team, win this award, regain independence, improve my score)”
  • Be seen and listened to (“My medical team cares and is trying.”)
  • Protect others (their time, our finances, their health)
  • Protect from loss (effects of age, avoidable injury or illness)

There are not too many more things that could motivate someone, that are not listed here.

Now, once you know what motivates this person (may be more than 1 item)…your job is to make it (one of or many of these):

  • Easy – takes the amount of time, expense, or effort that I am willing to dedicate for this outcome. Easier = better. The tasks can be challenging. Getting started must be easy.
  • Obvious – Logical, associated, or causal in the learner’s mind.
  • Satisfying – Feel better after. Investing in self or others (serotonin, oxytocin).
  • Attractive – Pulls me in. Causes me to want to return or want more.