What Doesn’t Make You Stronger…

Most are familiar with the aphorism, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”. This can and has been applied regarding life stressors, the process of “hard things” we choose in life (education, raising children), and more. In an effort to be both respectful without being hyperbolic, yet remaining succinct, may I suggest that the reverse to this phrase has been scientifically established as a truth, that being, “What doesn’t make you stronger…may kill you.”.

This means that a therapeutic dosage of resistance training that can (and has proven to) be beneficial for a person’s mental health (dopamine, serotonin), bone health (stress response), immune system, nervous system (neurokines, signaling molecules, BDNF), cardiopulmonary system, oh…and by the way the largest organ in your body is helped – your muscular system.

Put quite simply, being chronically sedentary does not make you stronger and has proven to “kill you” faster. I am careful with the language chosen, because labels and fear mongering get us nowhere. So, “What doesn’t make you stronger will kill you” is true through an increase in all cause mortality by way of metabolic disease, cancer, injury and communicable illness.

Message me for citations and references – because depending on when you are reading this…I might have 5 more new research studies to offer as support!