Arrive and Thrive

Highly successful people are not born highly successful. We know the opportunities that are available to persons with privilege are not equal across all soci0-economic levels. However, we also understand through motor learning, that an experience without struggle, without error, does not stimulate learning and thrive. We perceive a greater amount of success when we […]

Your “Next Level” practice for PwPD and the Parkinsonisms

Are you ready to take your practice to the next level? Now is the time for PTs and OTs to improve their clinical acumen and become recognized as a critical component in the workup for and management of persons with¬†Parkinson disease¬†(PwPD) and the parkinsonisms, conditions that cause a combination of the movement abnormalities typically associated […]

Building Healthier Grandparents

Let’s get right to the point. Start now to be a healthier grandparent. Regardless of your age – regardless of your aspirations or capability to be a grandparent – the point is that your quality of life at 75 is directly impacted by the way you treat your body in every decade prior. It is […]

Autonomy: How to give it away…to get the most back in rehabilitation!

Active listening, motivational interviewing and a comprehensive consideration of the individual that you are working with. Are you leveraging all three of these in your rehabilitation efforts through a meaningful patient interview? Do you continue to use these, in each patient session? Great, as Crosby, Stills and Nash sang in 1988, “glad that you’ve got it made”. […]

What is “Movement in the Background”?

I have received a number of supportive inquisitions about the recent trademark, officially approved on 12/28/20 by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), essentially asking, “What is Movement in the Background?” Pasted here, is one of my most recent responses: Movement in the Background is a collection of words that evoke the concept of […]